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Natural Fibre Fill

Feather and down pillows have been used across the ages and are still very popular. They tend to be soft and sit a little higher than other pillows.

These are a good option if you like a soft pillow that will mould around your head and shoulders. While they feel quite luxurious they’re not ideal if you who move around a lot while you sleep or need your neck well supported as the pillows need regular fluffing.

Another alternative to synthetics are wool pillows. These are washable and flame resistant and provide good moisture absorbency.

Synthetic Fill

Polyester is the most commonly used synthetic fibre fill. These pillows are machine-washable and usually come in a variety of fill weights to suit your needs.

Polyester is long-lasting, and there is a large selection of styles and comforts which offer good value for money.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is made from polyurethane, but has a different cell structure from other foams, which makes it less ‘buoyant’ and slower to recover (hence the term 'memory foam' — it ‘remembers’ your shape for a while after you’ve moved).

Memory foam pillows are designed to create an indentation where your head has been for quite some time.

Foam and Latex

Foam and latex pillows tend to last longer than most other types of pillow fill. These are suitable if you like a firm and supportive pillow.

Foam pillows are generally budget priced. Latex pillows come in a vast array of styles and shapes as the latex can be sculpted, moulded and contoured to any shape.