Bella 4 piece bedroom suite

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1299|RRP: $1899
$1199 - $1499 RRP $1899
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Out with the old and in with the new for a fraction of the cost. The Bella range offers an instant make-over at a bargain price. Dress up your bedroom with this on-trend white wash, distressed look and create a warm a cosy ambiance by adding layers of colour and textures on top.

Double: W 1480 x L 2030 x H 1150mm
Queen: W 1630  x L 2190  x H 1150mm
King: W 1930  x L 2190  x H 1150mm
Beside table: W 500 x D 400  x H 575mm 
Tallboy: W 800 x D 400 x H 1050mm