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Five Materials That Make Your Bed Durable

Posted by Eli on

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A solid hardwood bed frame is a great investment for a long-serving piece of furniture and a good sleep. Originating from deciduous trees, hardwoods have a longer growing cycle than softwoods and offer a higher density, making them that is strong and stable and typically costs more than softwood furniture. Beds Online carries many stable hardwood bed frames that are both beautiful and durable.

Rubberwood - Rubberwood is native to Brazil and is now grown and cultivated in Indonesia and Malaysia. Harvested from the wood of the Pará rubber tree after it completes its latex-producing life, of 25-30 years, new trees are planted after the quarter century harvest, making this a very eco-friendly tree crop. Rubberwood is a pale, medium hardwood, extremely stable, and less likely to crack or warp than other wood.

Chestnut - European chestnut trees were brought in during the Australian gold rush of the mid 19th century by the first European settlers, and are now grow in the mountainous areas of southeast Victoria.

These trees are subject to extreme environmental conditions – fire, flood, drought, attack by insects, and ‘winds so strong that the trees stunt their growth to cope with the environment. It is from these trees that Australian Wormy Chestnut is born, with each piece showing nature’s signature.’ Chestnut is exotic in its natural colour and markings and is a very strong and durable timber with high resistance to shock and wear.

Blackwood - Australian Blackwood is a golden or dark, reddish brown, similar to Mahogany that glues, and stains well. It is used for furniture, panelling, boat-building, and instrument-making. This hardwood is easily worked, very stable, and long-lasting. Blackwood is characterised as an excellent timber to work and shape and dresses to a high polish , enhancing its appeal and sophistication. The Victoria Department of Environment and Primary Industries

Beech - 
Beech is a pale hardwood timber, native to and widely-used in Northern Europe. It is used as firewood and flooring in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and is often used in the manufacture of furniture meant to be painted. Beech also takes stain well, highlighting its fine, tight grain.

Besides being an elegant wood which ages well, Beech is odourless. Some woods give off a distinctive smell (i.e. pine), so this property may benefit those who are sensitive to organic odours. This hardwood is hard and hard-wearing, and excellent for stable, durable, and shock-resistant furniture.

Tasmanian Oak - This magnificent hardwood has a lustrous straight grain and glows in warm golden tones with occasional darker streaks. Tasmanian Oak has a wide range in colour from pale pink and yellow to rust red and chocolate brown, but it also takes well to staining, allowing it to readily match with other woods and home furnishings. Staining gives this hardwood an added flexibility and practicality when it comes to decorating and matching bedroom furniture. Described as the preferred hardwood for many applications for its warmth, density and resilience , Tasmanian Oak is a common choice for panelling and flooring as well as furniture. 

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