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iGgravity bed. Sleep Better, Defy Gravity


Sweeter dreams

Let your body drift off, feeling completely relaxed and weightless as the tensions of your day melt away as you discover the magnificence of iGravity and revel in the luxury of a perfect night’s sleep. The new iGravity is an ultra-prestige mattress with all the premium components and features of the highest end big brand mattresses, with a sensational price tag that is truly a dream come true.

Like nothing else 

The various layers premium foams including memory foam and latex, the 5-zone pocket coil spring system and state of the art luxury features such as a dual micro pocket spring layer, side air vents, and superior firm edge, all work in cohesion to give you an unparalleled sleep experience that seems to defy the laws of gravity.


Whats inside the iGravity mattress


15 Year Warranty

The iGravity is the epitome of luxury in every sense of the word, and with luxury comes the promise of quality. That is why the iGravity carries an incredible 15 year warranty.


We know that once you experience the weightless wonder of sleeping on an iGravity, you will never look back, so for your added peace of mind and convenience, we offer a 101 night comfort trial. If you don’t absolutely fall in love with your iGravity, we’ll swap it (refund you).   


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The epitome of luxury

The pillow top contains sumptuous layers of memory foam, latex, convoluted foam as well as premium support foam. Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight and reducing stress on pressure points. Latex is also known for its pressure-relieving properties as well as being naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. A layer of convoluted foamprovides further support and pressure relief. The convoluted, egg crate design of the foam allows good airflow, keeping your sleep surface cooler. Because maximised airflow enhances your sleep experience by keeping the temperature regulated, the iGravity has layer of ventilated mesh below the pillow top as well as mesh air vents on the sides of the mattress.




The inner spring core is comprised of a 5-zone pocket coil spring system for optimal support and spinal alignment. Additional support is given to the shoulders and hips, where your body needs it most and so body weight is evenly distributed.


 This mattress features a technologically advanced dual micro layer of pocket springs that works in concert with the main pocket spring core and the various foam layers to all but eliminate partner disturbance for a more restful sleep. The metal wire edgeand foam boxborder ensures that you have the largest sleep area possible and it increases the longevity of your mattress. This means you can sleep at the very edge of your mattress without any feeling of rolling off.



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