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To kids, a bed can be so much more than just a place to rest their play-weary bodies at the end of the day. A bed can be a fort to protect from the monsters that come at night; or a castle surrounded by a moat to keep invaders and dragons alike at bay; or a spaceship to travel the large expanses of deep space!

Any parent knows that a bed needs to be able to keep up with the rigors of childhood. You need a bed frame that’s not only sturdy enough to keep up with all the hopping and jumping, but incorporates itself into the overall look and feel of your child’s room.

Beds Online has a wide variety of beds for growing kids, and we’re proud to present our gallery of beds in every size, make and colour. Incorporate your child’s personality and design ideas when putting together a room for a unique end result. Since a bed can be the focal point in a bedroom, choosing the perfect one is essential. You’re bound to find that one here.

Refine your search by the size of the bed frame that you want for your kids: Single, King Single, Double, Queen or even King. If you want to build your child’s bed from scratch, another option is to shop based on the bedhead that you want, and pair them with a simple bed base so your child can let their imagination run wild when building their tents or forts. We also have specialty beds, such as Bunk Beds, some of which combine the spaces for sleeping and studying in one fluid design scheme, Trundle Beds, Novelty Beds (these are beds designed with your princess, racecar driver, astronaut or fireman in mind) and lastly, Cots & Cribs (for the young ones).

If you want a bed that your child can grow with in the years to come, we have classically-designed beds that you can customize and modify as your child grows. We have beds with storage underneath which can be a handy place to keep clothes, linens or even toys to ensure the room is neat and tidy.

Create a space where your child can learn, dream and grow. Select a bed that fits perfectly not only in the space but with your child’s characteristics as well. You are not short of options when you shop for your child’s next bed at Beds Online. High-quality, well-made and aesthetically pleasing but super affordable, you’re sure to find just the right bed for your kid’s room.

Shop for your child’s dream bed at Beds Online today!


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