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What Is MDF and Should I Buy It?

Posted by Danielle on

Choosing your furniture style can be tough in itself when you’re decorating or updating your bedroom, but another important consideration that can complicate your shopping is the furniture’s composition. As it’s such a common material, it’s worth understanding the wood known as ‘MDF’ when selecting beds, bedside tables, wardrobes and tallboys.

MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a versatile engineered wood, widely used in home and office furniture, laminate flooring, panels, cabinets, and mouldings. The material shapes well and is an excellent base for applying wood veneers. MDF has isotropic properties, making the wood without grain and identical in all directions, resulting in a uniform building material.

MDF is considered to be a versatile, solid timber and a low-cost alternative across the manufacturing industry that can be ‘machined and finished to a high standard’ by ‘bonding together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive’ [1]

The main wood used in Australian MDF is plantation-grown Radiata Pine. The wood fibres or fibre bundles - as opposed to weaker wood particles - are heated, dried, pressed, and then cut into strong, compressed boards. One major advantage of MDF products is that they are stable and resistant to warping and splitting; a feature that also makes them easy to cut and drill during manufacture.

As well, varnishes, laminates, and oil-based paints adhere well to MDF, which is why MDF furniture is available in many colours and has the versatility for redecorating during its lifetime.

MDF bedroom furniture is economically priced compared to solid wood pieces. Its mass-production means there is always a supply in the variety and contemporary styles that budget furniture shoppers demand. The durability of MDF as a material means those on a tight budget also get the benefit of a product that will last a long time without breaking the bank.

A top choice for children’s furniture - Bedroom furniture made from MDF is an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms because, just like clothing, furniture is also outgrown and needs upgrading as kids grow and their interests change.

Here, its strength and versatility are ideal, particularly in novelty beds that can be shaped, coloured and decorated to make bedtime a special event every night. The appeal of the our Frozen Sleigh Novelty Bed is clear, but its moulded shape is also practical for parents concerned about young children rolling out of bed as the raised sides are a safety feature too. 

Style and sophistication on a Budget - 
The versatility of MDF in home decor and strength is demonstrated by its use in bedroom suites suitable for older children and teens as tastes develop, and also for spare bedrooms. The sleigh bed is a classic favourite that shows MDF as a sophisticated development from the novelty bed. The Stella collection is line of economic bedroom furniture made from MDF that has sleek, contemporary lines and forms a sound decorating base for any style-conscious homemaker on a budget. 

In general, the available ranges of MDF and MDF-timber blends of bedroom furniture can easily be dressed up with colour and theme through the ever-changing pre-teen and-teenage years and even beyond.

MDF furniture is a good choice for infrequently-used furniture like beds and tallboys for guest or spare bedrooms. As well as the savings, this material looks good and is practical. Inexpensive MDF tallboys and chests are ideal for extra storage in spare rooms

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