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Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses reduce partner disturbance and deliver a more restful, uninterupted and supportive sleep with comforting relief to your body’s pressure points. Read more...

Uninterpupted Sleep

Individually wrapped pocket springs operate independently of one another so that movement on one side of the bed is isolated and will not be felt by the sleeper on the other side of the bed. So if your partner tosses and turns or gets out of bed before you do, you should remain undisturbed for a more restful, restorative sleep.

Leading Pocket Coil Brands

Our brands that are best known for their pocket coil spring systems are King Koil, Domino by AH Beard, Sleepmaker and Sensus. These high quality, reputable mattress brands have an extensive range of pocket spring mattresses that cover all sizes from single, king single, double, queen and king size at range of prices to suit every budget. They also come in a range of comfort levels including luxuriously plush, medium, medium-firm and firm, so that you can select the feel that best suits your preference.

Zoned technology

Some pocket spring mattresses have graduated zones that provide support commensurate with the varying weight of your body. So, because your hips account for almost 50% of your weight when lying flat, a 3-Zone or 5-Zone spring system will offer extra support for your hips and shoulders for optimal spinal alignment and even distribution of body weight.

Dual Micro Pocket Spring Layer

You will find that some pocket spring mattresses even feature a dual micro pocket spring layer. This is an advanced feature where there is a micro layer of pocket springs above the main pocket spring system that provides even further minimisation of partner disturbance and additional support.


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