Care of Mattress

Old mattress disposal

Please ensure when you get your new mattress you dispose of your old mattress correctly. Some companies offer a pickup service at a cost or you may take to a tip or leave for your hard rubbish collection, depending on your council’s hard rubbish policy.

Mattress Foundation

Please ensure you place your mattress on a supportive foundation to prevent any sagging. Mattresses can be safely supported by a base; however, older bases can lose their structure so ensure your base is strong and even. There is no point purchasing a new mattress only to damage it by placing it on a weak, or uneven unstable base. Your mattress will also be perfectly supported on a bed frame however, please ensure the slats are strong, supportive and evenly placed underneath the mattress to ensure the mattress has even support and wont warp or damage.

Rotating your mattress

Some mattresses carry a ‘no-turn’ feature which eliminates the need for turning upside down. However, most mattresses advise frequent rotation. Mattresses and bases should be rotated approximately every two weeks for the first three months, and once a month thereafter. Two-sided mattresses should be flipped using the same principle

If you must clean your mattress

Do not soak or wet your mattress. If you must clean an area use a vacuum or try a mild surface cleaner and a barely damp cloth as excessive moisture may encourage the development of mildew in the upholstery.

Use a mattress protector

Please ensure you always use a mattress protector. For a small price the protector will maximise the life of your mattress by keeping it clean and stain free.

Be patient

After years on the same mattress, it may take some time to get used to your new one. Your mattress has been purchased with the assistance of our educated staff and they have been trained to assist you finding a mattress that meets your needs. Be patient as your new mattress may feel a little different and in time you will most certainly feel the improvement of a night’s sleep on a quality mattress.

Expect body impressions

Even when a mattress is brand new, slight body impressions may form, especially on ultra-soft and plush products. This is a positive feature, as it represents the comfort layers contouring to the shape of the body and performing exactly as they should. Please don’t be alarmed if you form definite impressions. Afterall, this is your mattress adapting to you.

*Whilst we happily offer product care and advice, the final outcome is the sole responsibility of the owner. BedsOnline will not accept any responsibility for the outcome of any advice followed by these guidelines and subsequent result.