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Adjustable Beds - The New Luxury Bed

Posted by Danielle on

Adjust your mindset, adjust your lifestyle.

Adjustable beds offer the ability to adjust position with simple controls to ensure optimum comfort. While they have therapeutic benefits, adjustable beds are no longer just are for the old and infirm.

New age adjustable beds provide the luxury of superb comfort and will fit in seamlessly with your décor. The right position may help relieve pressure on your spine, relieving muscle tension, improving circulation and providing a deeper state of relaxation.

Adjustable beds can help to alleviate muscle and back pain, indigestion, reduce swelling and reduce snoring due to sleep apnoea. You can easily adjust the bed to find your perfect position for reading, watching TV, working and sleeping. We have a wide variety of features with our adjustable beds such as wireless and corded remote controls, head and foot end adjustability, wall hugger design and TGA approval. You and your partner can both rest in personalised and luxurious comfort with the option of independently operated adjustable king beds.

Find your perfect, personalised sleep and rest position with an adjustable bed for ideal comfort and a great night’s sleep. Discover the benefits of an adjustable bed today. 

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